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September 6, 2015

4th Graduation ceremony on 28th/November/2015

650 Guests attended

Mityana Open Troop Foundation & vocational project, held its 4th Graduation ceremony on 28th/November/2015, where 650 Guests attended.

The Guest of honor on that day, was the Commissioner for Non-Formal Education Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda Gorvement. On behalf of the Govement, promised continue supporting our vocational project through sponsoring more vulnerable youth to acquire sustainable vocational skills at our centre.

A total number of 53 graduands were commissioned, where by 35 hair dressers, 14 tailors,2 caterers, 2 welders, were awarded certificates despite of start-up tools.


- Holding a 4th Graduation ceremony totaling 53 graduates, from that of last year who were 45 graduates.

- Enrolling more learners from that of last year 150 learners, to 195 this ending year.

- Constructing girls hostel up to wall plate level, which will be accommodating 45 people.

- Hosting of group of 16 donors from Tools With A Mission UK, in May 2015.

- Dr. Anthony knight, kindly donated funds towards the construction of a bore hole at the project, though we failed to top up the required amount of US $ 7142 to be dug at our center.


  • Inadequate classrooms at the vocational, as currently many learners studies under tree shelters.
  • Lack of students hostels, as the project spends a lot of money in hiring the 2 houses where the far coming students resides.
  • The vocational project lacks tools in the workshops, as 3 learners shares 1 sewing machine.
  • The project lacks start-up tools to be donated to the graduating youth, enable them start own jobs soon after graduating, as its un fair training a skill to a vulnerable youth, and not give him/her a start-up tool. And this year, non of the graduates got a start-up tool.
  • The project needs more potential donors/sponsors and volunteers, help support project activities.
  • The organizations website hosting, expired and we have not yet renewed it due to financial crisis we are in.

Way Forward:

  • The foundation Board of directors, sat and decided to divert the earlier donated funds by Dr. Anthony Knight, to be utilized in roofing the girls hostel in January. And iron sheets have been bought from that amount, though we are looking for more funds for windows, doors, plastering & floor including electrical installation.
  • Looking for donors kindly help construct us more classrooms, donate us enough tools/machines in the workshop, to enable learners get a hands on training.
  • We are calling upon for volunteers, who can help teach sustainable vocational skills to our youth, and even volunteering in our rural communities.


  • We extend sincere appreciations to Dr. Anthony Knight, who donated funds for constructing a bore hole, after seeing a 6 month drought in Mityana district.
  • We thank Mr. Chris Eldlidge, who has been supportive to our vocational project.
  • We thank the Gorvement of Uganda, for having so supportive to our vocational project this year.

Humble call;

We are humbly calling for all those who can kindly support our project either through financial support, tools/machine donation, classroom construction, and even volunteering through teaching.

Compiled by;

Mathew Yawe

Program Cordinator Mityana Open Troop Foundation & Vocational Project.

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