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September 6, 2014

Vocational 3RD graduation ceremony

Currently the project has 150 students/learners.

Mityana Open Troop Foundation, is a registered community based organization, having a Vocational project recruiting and training vulnerable school dropouts due to lack of school fees or due to un-wanted pregnancies leading them to be expelled, unemployed youth due to lack of job skills, and to single mothers wanting job skills to enable them look feed their families. We train the vocational skills, to enable them self sustain in the future by being able to set up own jobs, and passing over the acquired skills to their fellow colleagues left in villages. Currently the project has 150 students/learners. We train them the following courses;

  •  Hair dressing, beauty & cosmetology, 
  • Tailoring, designing, and garment cutting,
  • Carpentry & joinery,
  • Concrete practice & brick laying,
  • Knitting,
  • Bakery making and catering services,
  • Motor vehicle mechanics part 1 & 2.

We teach them too, mathematics, English & luganda writing, as most are school dropouts.

The project graduation ceremony took place on 1/08/2014, which started off with a matching brass band from the vocational site to Mityana Town, then back at the site at 8:00am-9:30am. The function was attended by a number of 702 guests including parents for the graduates.

This was followed by a blessing prayer then after Commissioning out 31 graduands in hair dressing beauty & cosmetology, who were awarded certificates accompanied by hair dryers & tin lotions donated to them by Movit beauty company and Darling beauty company. Also there were 10 graduates of tailoring designing & garment cutting, who were awarded certificates too, accompanied with sewing machines donated by the Guest of Honor on that function; Mr. Christopher James Eldridge of UK, and Adien Lopez of Sri Lanka.

Down below is the quoted speech from the Guest of honor, which was read by the region Kingdom representative;

‘’Good morning Mathew?.’’


Message to the Graduates of Mityana Open Troop Foundation.


Can I say a big well done to all of the graduates who have studied so hard this last year. And who have hopefully, learnt something useful to help them in their life.

Made be a:

  • A Skill
  • A Trade
  • Working with others
  • And have hopefully made friends with fellow graduates who will be your contacts if the future.

Please use your skills wisely that you have learnt, as these skills are very valuable.

We are all very proud of you and we are privileged to be part of this project. Thank you.

Can I also thank the teachers for their hard work.

I challenge you to develop yourself further, by striving to find ways of doing it better. And then see if you can better it again.

‘’Chris Eldridge’’

However, guests managed to raise in-kind materials of; 15 trips of building sand, some timber and 6000 bricks, all worthy US $ 1539



Having conducted 3 graduation ceremonies,

The number of trainees/learners has increased.

Managed to carry out a construction fundraising of our hostels and offices block.

Having managed to set up a carpentry show room in our Town.

Our partner friends Mr. Chris Eldridge & Adien Lopez, donating to our graduates 10 sewing machines.

Movit beauty company & Darling beauty company donated 30 hair hand driers to hair making graduates. 

The govement of Uganda sponsored school fees covering 1 term, for 40 learners at our project.

Canada scouts led by Mr. Eric Gator Witten berg, Mr. Patrick Mckathy, and Mr. Kevin Ward, Fresher valley scouts, donated camping equipments to our troop scouts and district scouts.



Sincerely thank the Guest of honor at the 3rd Graduation ceremony, Mr. Christopher James Eldridge, together with Mr. Adien Lopez, who donated and bought nice 10 sewing machines to tailoring graduates. 

Appreciation to our Canada scouts from Fresher valley led by Mr. Eric Gator Witten berg, Mr. Patrick Mckathy, and Mr. Kevin Ward, for having been supporting our troop scouts and district scouts by donating and shipping many camping equipments.

We thank the govement of Uganda Ministry of Education vocational training, which sponsors and award certificates to some of our graduates.

We thank TOOLS WITH A MISSION, for having been donating us start-up tools for the graduates, though unfortunately this year we didn’t benefit from, due to out standing applications in their office.



Our project lacks a students hostel, as at the moment we just rent where our 50 hostel students stays, which is expensive to us! 

The current class rooms built by Mr. Andrew Howe, Mr. Jamie Page, M/S Laura Louise, Bath University UK and Heathside school UK, are small can’t accommodate the big number of learners we have.

The sewing machines we have are not enough for the big numbers, as the ratio of learners is 4 on 1 machine. This has affected much, the idea of hands on training! 

Inadequate working materials at the project, as we charge little from the learners, as they can’t afford paying high fees. Unfortunately, some even fail to raise that asked little fees, resulting to buying inadequate working materials and paying the teachers salaries.

The project still lacks for donors and volunteers to come and help teach sustainable skills and help in constructing us students hostels.

The project doesn’t have a computer, printer and a photocopier which has sincerely very much affected us in typing and printing, photocopying students examinations!

Way Forward & Humble Call for help.

 We want to construct a students hostel having 2 floors with a ground floor which requires US $ 289,974.This block shall have offices too, and will be accommodating 230 hostel students in the upper floors, having a main hall on the ground basement which will work as a class room. We are humbly calling for volunteers, donors, University intern students, to come and help us on this work which we can’t manage to do it on our own.

We calling upon organizations having sewing machines, carpentry machines/tools and hair dressing machines, to help and donate them to our project, to enable us train the vulnerable youth.

We calling for volunteers to come and teach vocational sustainable skills to the youth of Uganda, so that they can be able to create up own jobs after graduating.


I once again extend sincere thanks to all those mentioned above, who have been supporting our project and scouts. Please continue supporting us, and we shall continue praying for you all.

I humbly call volunteers, donors, sponsors, scout groups, universities, to come and partner, work with us please.




Compiled by;

Mr. Mathew Yawe


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