• Donate as you wish towards, the construction of a classroom and dormitory block, to save learners studying under tree shelters. Volunteers on industrial training are welcome.
  • Kindly donate US $ 200, to cater for a poor childs school fees and lunch at school per year.
  • Kindly donate clothings, scholastic materials, mosquito nets, to the needy communities in Uganda-Mityana.
  • Please donate to our vocational project a disused sewing machine, carpentry tool/machine, knitting machine, hairdressing machines, computers, any equipment useful in vocational work.
  • Please donate camping equipments to our scouts, such as sleeping tents, gas stoves, sleeping bags, cooking equipments, scout uniforms, and sponsoring our camping’s by donating food for the campers.
  • Please sponsor the construction of an house for a poor elderly or an orphanage family.
  • Sponsor a child nutrition project carried out in the most vulnerable rural villages.
  • Support a send pig/cow project, among the needy ones so that they can keep that animal after giving birth a piglet, sell and get school fees and feeding.  Donate US $ 120

Our organization is a registered Community Based Organization called;
Mityana Open Troop Foundation.
Reg no: CR/223/03/727
P.O.BOX 358 Mityana Uganda East Africa.
Tel: +256772465207 / +256706494642