Buro Happold construction company UK

For 40 years we’ve been building our reputation for delivering creative, value led building and city solutions for an ever changing world. At our very core is our essence, a mission statement if you like, the mirror that we hold up to ourselves to ensure that we pursue the simple honest truth in our work, and with one another, allowing us to bridge the gap between science and society and forge meaningful and lasting global relationships that benefit all.

Described by our clients as ‘passionate’, ‘innovative’, ‘collaborative’, ‘magic’, our global community of driven, world leading engineering professionals straddle a wide diversity of expertise and specialities: technical experts who can turn their hand to all the traditional engineering disciplines, as well as integrators who can bring people together to lead and communicate holistic solutions such as frameworks for revitalising failing cities and pioneering master plans for emerging cities: people-flow specialists who can move a million people across the desert with ease: innovators who engineer facades that absorb pollution or create acoustic venues overnight from rope, wood and sheer hard work. We employ economists and planners who can help to create flexible strategies, specialists whose skills range from water management through to material science, and serial innovators who help us to find our unique solutions to our clients’ unique problems.

We believe in harnessing the special magic of our people’s engineering minds; our teams tackle complex issues head on. But we don’t just look for straight forward answers; we question, investigate and challenge our clients to look wider than the immediate space of their projects, helping them to understand and address social, financial and environmental impacts as well as the obvious technical ones.

It is this combination of ingenuity and bravery that is helping us create a future that is solution-led, not problem driven.